Three times a lady.

Go and write.
I don’t want to write any more.
I bore myself, let alone everyone else.
Go and write, your tribe will find you.
My what.
Your tribe.
I thought you said tripe.
See, that’s why you need to write, people will realise what I have to put up with.

The Dancing Queen is always telling me that I will find my tribe: like minded individuals who accept me for the way I am and enjoy my personality of taking everything and nothing seriously and realising that I will do anything for anyone until I realise that that person will do nothing for me and mine so probably won’t be bothered with again.
I’ve realised this year that the people who tell you most often that they will be there for you whenever required are the very same people who disappear off the face of the earth when you ask them to step up to the plate.
Conversely, there are those people who step in when you are at your lowest ebb who do the kindest thing and restore one’s faith in humanity – the fact that this often involves a cup of tea, a chat and a piece of cake is purely coincidental.

Kindness doesn’t cost money, kindness costs time and that is the most valuable thing we can give anyone, time. Time to grow, time to heal, time to make mistakes and time to love, you get my drift. I could go on. But that would be a waste of your time.

There is someone else other than The Dancing Queen who tells me to write and has given me journals and books to help me, but on Friday, when I said that I wasn’t writing because I didn’t want anyone to read it, she was uncharacteristically blunt and told me not to be so stupid and get on with it.

So I am.

Another lady said last week that she had noticed I hadn’t written for a while and that mine was 1 of 2 blogs she read. Which carries with it a smidgen of responsibility, but I’m good with responsibility. I’ve got a dog and everything.

So, my tribe might be those three ladies who want to read what I have written. Or it might include the hundreds of folk who follow the musings of Sprout on Facebook and Instagram.

But my tribe doesn’t include the unkind, the unjustly critical or the judgemental.

Because none of them are as harsh on me as I am on myself.

So we go into the last month of a fairly bleak year with a clean slate. Yes, there have been great days, but the undercurrent has been one of sadness, and sadness is not welcome to hang around for long.

Be kind. Be positive. Build people up.

Got to go, it’s cake time…. The best time of all.

12 thoughts on “Three times a lady.

  1. Add another to yr tribe. I have come to you through Sprout. I like yr gentle oddness. A little kindness to be free to paraphrase the great Australian band, The Saints. Keep writing.

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